Team LA

Little Avondale and its horses are only as good as their team. It's their daily attention to detail which ensures the safety and health of every horse

Sam Williams

Little Avondale's proprietor Sam Williams. It all began at the Te Parae stables for pocket money of $5 a day!


Catriona Williams

Catriona Williams began riding as a four year old, in front of the saddle of her mother Maureen as they shifted sheep and cattle on the McLeod family's Wairarapa farm.


Buzz & Susie

Multiple Gr.1 Breeders
(of Sam/Anna/George)

Kirsty Percy

Business Manager

Brian Nally

Team Builder

John Duncan

All The News

Lawson Campbell

The Everything Guy

Alex Pedersen

HR and More

The A Team!

Helen Phinney - Stallion Manager
Alyssa Fox - Yearling Manager
Nikita Cunningham - New Born Foal and Wet Mare Manager
Hannah Mee - Dry Mare Manager
Rob Meredith Farm Maintenance & Builder
Kerry Drummond - Gen Farm Maintenance & Stock Hand
Sharleen Drummond - Feedroom Manager
FARRIERS - Kambel Barham
VETS - Mandy Illston, Grainne Cuunniingham, Rebecca Presow
Maia Waretini-Anderson
Adam Corder
Georgia Percy
Michael McDonald
Rose Bauckham
Rachel Clouston
Rahul Singh
Alex Pederson - HR
Liz Wakeham
Sam Malone
Annie Elfstrom
Shannan Fine

They cover all bases and do everything with pride and passion, be it raising their horses, to their staffs attire, to the way they treat clients and visitors

Paul Wilcox, CEO Auckland Racing Club